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Our History 

Lindsey Steek and Company is a family owned and operated business offering quality designs and home furnishings. From furniture, to lighting, to rugs, to art, to accessories, and beyond, we source and provide all the elements to complete any home, cottage, vacation property, or business. 

1964 - 1995  St James 

The original Steeks Fine Furniture location, known for beautiful luxury quality home furnishings built to last, was started by Victor and Mildred Steek .  Their daughter Lindsey learned the family business from an early age and eventually took over in 1995. 

1995-2000 Corydon

When Lindsey Steek started her own company in 1995 the location changed, and the business modernized, but the concept remained the same.  Quality luxury furnishings remained the priority, with a new additional focus on interior design concepts.

2000-2018 Academy Rd.

As the business evolved Lindsey found an increasing number of clients gravitating towards her interior design services.  Offering top quality furnishings, rugs, lighting, art, and accessories, Lindsey created full lifestyles in her showroom to help clients envision the possibilities for projects of their own.   

2019-2022 Satellite  

As the world of retail has shifted out of brick and mortar and into new formats so have we.  Although we no longer have a retail space we are busier than ever!  Give us a call or send us an email to get started on your next project.  

Our Team 

Small, dedicated, experienced, teams are often some of the most successful.  At Lindsey Steek and Company we are just that.  Each of our team members brings their own set of skills complimenting one and other to provide the best possible experience and results for our clients. 



Lindsey's passion for design, lake country, ranch life, history, and breathtaking yet livable interiors shape her work.  She loves the challenge of new projects and the process of seeing a vision come to life.  A romantic at heart Lindsey's designs have a special signature that has built her a strong and loyal clientele that is constantly growing.


Judith's personal tastes lean towards the traditional, however, she is an expert at translating visions of all tastes into interior realities.  Her ability to source unique items, along with her superior knowledge of our suppliers and collections makes Judith a great asset to any project.  Judith has a strong portfolio of success in the industry throughout Winnipeg and its surrounding lake and beach communities.   


Robin's start in the industry was an early one.  She began working for her mother Lindsey as a teen while still in high school, unpacking merchandise and flying to sites to manage commercial installations.  She accompanied her mother to clients and projects, and assisted at furniture buying markets.  After university Robin worked in sales and design for Lindsey Steek and Company.  In a twist of fate she found herself taking her career abroad as a global sales manager for a division of Ralph Lauren Home.  Robin spent ten years in Asia and Europe selling to the top luxury furniture houses and interior designers throughout the world.  Now she is back in Winnipeg working with Lindsey, and on projects of her own.  Her broad and experienced view of interiors and home products offers a unique advantage in her work.  With a keen eye for detail and a creative mindset, Robin's designs are cutting edge.  She is a great addition to the team.  

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